My Voice as an Asian-American

Since our last class on Thursday, I spent a lot of time digesting everything people have shared. I think it was people’s vulnerability and sharing of personal stories that encouraged me to really reflect and critically think about what it means for me, as an Asian-American, to take a stance on social justice issues, particularly the issue on race.

The surface of the issue on race seems to primarily focus on black and white people. Some people see it as a “white vs black” problem. It seems like everyone else is invisible or not-affected. But I completely disagree. Racism isn’t just a “white vs black” problem, it affects our entire community, our society as a whole.

My voice as an Asian-American matters when discussing issues on race. I really hope that I don’t forget that.

This article articulates a lot of the feelings that I felt during Ferguson and even the Charleston church shooting.

Tell me what you think about some of the author’s points.



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